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Trucker Love Poem #133

Stop lights are red.
Rainbow oil slicks are pretty.
Of course I’m scared of pigeons!
It’s me you should pity.

Trucker Love Poem #257

When Dead Man’s Curve
knocks my heart strings loose,
I’ll be worrying about you
and getting hit by a moose. 

Trucker Love Poem #63

The sun sets pink
Over grass of blue.
Driving highways I think
And think of you.


the glasses clink as i,
the last lonely refugee of the living room,
refusing to ascend until well past the witching hour,
collect them, the remnants
of mine and my father’s drinking problem;
we can go through an entire two-liter
of caffeine-free diet pepsi in one afternoon.

Trucker’s Lament #3

You said you liked Macks. 

"Nothing runs like a Mack.

You get yourself one of those,

You’ll feed a family for years.

Won’t need no maintenance, neither.”

But you chose him.

He drives a Peterbilt.

Trucker Love Poem #46

The food’s in my stomach,
the coffee’s done its part.
The gas is in my tank,
and you’re in my heart.

Trucker Love Poem #32

My gears are sticking
The breaks start to squeal
But it’s my heart
That just won’t heal

(submitted by Rebecca, the originator of Trucker Love Poetry)

Trucker’s Lament #2

The best coffee I ever had

Was at a diner in Georgia.

Hot, dark, and bold,

It didn’t need sugar or creamer.

It was perfect straight black.

A month later I drove through.

The diner had closed.

There was a Dunkin Donuts there.

I didn’t buy any coffee.


For those of you already following, I’m John, aka quinnathan, and I’m joining Amanda in running Trucker Love Poems. I’ve been messing around with this poetry thing for a while, so this should be fun for me, and for everybody! Keep submitting!